William J. A. Sparks, Esq.

I am an accomplished senior attorney with significant large law firm training before I went in-house. I spent most of the years since I graduated Duke University Law School in 1973 as in-house counsel (OLN: NYSE and GRA: NYSE) managing litigation. I now practice in Garden City as a Mediator and an Arbitrator.

I worked closely with outside counsel in defending cases in areas including products and commercial litigation. In my years at Grace, I litigated in areas of construction, products, property damage, personal injury and toxic torts. I spent years as part of a team of lawyers in our Chapter 11 reorganization (bankruptcy).  I also handled other areas including employee matters related to false claims and claims brought by the EEOC.

In litigation, I used early evaluation and settlement wherever possible, including mediations. I was  active in settlement negotiations and represented my corporate employer in mandatory settlement conferences, and this involved Mediations in early 1990s as the client.

Since 2010 I have worked in Garden City and I am a member of the Nassau County Bar Association (NCBA) Mortgage Foreclosure Project. I represent homeowners pro bono in clinics and in mandatory settlement conferences in Nassau County Supreme Court between homeowners and banks. I arbitrate attorney client fee disputes. I am a member of the NCBA panel of Mediators and Arbitrators.  I am on the roster of Mediators for the Supreme Courts, Commercial Division in Nassau County,  Queens County, and New York County. I have mediated cases as part of the ENE – Mandatory Mediation program of the Nassau County Supreme Court. I mediated insurance cases as a Mediator on the panel of EDNY mediators to resolve Superstorm Sandy cases (insurance coverage).

I am admitted to practice law and am in good standing as an attorney in NY, NJ and FL. I am active in the New York State Bar Association, (ADR and Commercial/Federal Litigation Sections); New Jersey State Bar Association; the Florida Bar Association; IADC (International Association of Defense Counsel); and the New York City Bar (Professional Discipline Committee).  I have co-chaired NCBA’s ADR Committee and am a member of the Commercial Litigation Committee.

If your goal is to explore effective alternatives to resolving disputes, contact me by phone at 516.240.8077 or by email at You can check my availability by looking at my on-line calendar.